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Managing payroll is an exhaustive and time intensive tasks. At the same time, it’s vital impact does not allow you to sit quietly. We are sure no one became founder of the company/ firm to maintain paystubs of employees, sending salary with all the regulatory compliance. In this case our experienced team takes full responsibility in offering tip to toe payroll solutions to CPA firms in US which will reduce the operational cost and increase your bandwidth for strategic activities.

Workflow Insights

  • Setting up Employee contacts for processing payrolls
  • Setting up a payroll schedule for each client while meeting policy requirements
  • Processing Payrolls and Sending payslips (Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly)
  • Making tax payments that include state income tax, federal withholding tax, and employment taxes, insurance and any other benefits

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Our offshore accountants have years of experience in using major accounting, bookkeeping, and tax software. We also work with the preferred software of your choice. Alternatively, we could also recommend using the right software for the outsourced jobs.