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It’s no secret that accountants are one of the busiest people. Especially as we approach the peak of Self Assessment season, it’s easy to see why. While the profession has embraced new technology and innovative approaches, accountants continue to struggle with a huge time crunch. Why? One of the biggest reasons is a lack of skilled resources within the industry. Accountants find it challenging to hire experienced professionals for their firm. As a result, they often find themselves doing time-consuming compliance work on their own, resulting in work pressure and burnout. A caba survey in 2022 found that eight out of 10 respondents said stress and poor mental health are a problem within the accountancy profession The above figure confirms the necessity of having an outsourcing model for International Accounting firms.

  • Full time Equivalent (FTE)
  • FTE

    The FTE works for 140 hours per mo nth and carries years of experience in International Accounting, Tax, Payroll and Audit Support

  • FTE

    The 2-stage review process ensures quality and accuracy will be followed.

  • FTE

    Ideal for accounting firms that want to build an offshore team of experienced accountants who can work in tandem to their in-house team.

  • FTE

    Dedicated FTEs reports directly to you.

  • • This model will help you in getting peace of mind, saving the costs with the even bigger advantage of capacity creation.
    • Outsourced accounting services provide firms with exclusive access to highly qualified, trained and experienced accountants who work seamlessly as an extension of your team.
    • This can free up internal resources, allowing accountants to focus on more important work, value-driven services and self-growth.

    FTE Why choose this model?
    • If your firm has stopped growing?
    • If you do not find the right talent and have quality issues?
    •If your firm is facing high overheads?
    • If you have undercharging clients with more demands?

  • Pay as you go (Project/Hourly)
  • FTE

    The quality work shall be delivered only after a 2 stage review process.

  • FTE

    A dedicated Professional Manager with years of experience reports directly to you with Reports on Weekly/ Monthly/ Quarterly or yearly basis.

  • FTE

    It shall be extended by unlimited email and phone call support.

  • FTE

    Providing all KPI’s as per the service contract

  • • This model is designed to facilitate taking all the services from a single window.
    • The overall value the professional bookkeeper brings is efficiency (how fast they work), the accuracy of their work, the insights they provide, and the peace of mind they offer.

    FTE Why choose this model?
    • If you have to prefer budgeting and financial planning?
    • If you want to mitigate risk?
    • If you can not generate loads of full time professionals?

  • Own Team
  • FTE

    The expert team having years of experience in International Accounting, Tax, Payroll and Audit Support shall work for you.

  • FTE

    Ideal for accounting firms that want to build an offshore team of experienced accountants who can work in tandem to their in-house team but with no more chaos.

  • FTE

    No more individual reporting, only Team Leaders will report you.

  • Outsourcing eases accountants' workload, yet senior accountants/practice owners invest considerable time overseeing outsourced tasks. Our Managed FTE accounting outsourcing offers a tailored solution, featuring offshore accountants and a dedicated manager overseeing the team's work, aiming to save accountants time otherwise spent on reviews. LogicApt comprehends accountants' diverse requirements, tailoring services to meet client needs.

    FTE Why choose this model?
    •If you spend a considerable amount of time reviewing your team’s work?
    • If you have faced challenges in outsourcing?
    • If your offshore accounting team is too big to get managed?
    • If you have a dedicated in-house resource to exclusively manage the offshore team?

  • Customised
  • FTE

    As we commit tailor made process for each of our client. So is our engagement model; Over & above whatever mentioned herein we offer flexible customisation to our clients on case to case basis as per their needs & expectation, and tend to deliver our services in the most effective manner.


Costing depends upon transaction volume and your requirement. We have different models and packages to suit your need. Get a tailored made plan as per your need. Book a consultation call..

We do require the signing of a 12-month agreement. You can use our services as you require during this period. If you choose to end the contract before its completion, However, 3 months advance notice shall be required.

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