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LogicApt Accounting Services stands at the forefront of global outsourcing, specializing in providing audit, tax, and accounting services. We cater specifically to growth-oriented accounting firms worldwide, aiming to bolster their evolution and expansion. By outsourcing with us, firms can optimize their staffing, allowing their teams to concentrate on higher-value tasks, thereby enhancing profitability and reducing operational costs through our delivery centre in India.

What We Do

Service to International Accounting firms and the small and medium businesses in their accounting needs, which allows them to scale and grow in their respective fields.


LogicApt bookkeepers seamlessly integrate with your existing team, providing outsourced bookkeeping services. Entrusting them with your bookkeeping tasks not only lightens your workload but also optimizes efficiency and financial management.

Payrolls Processing

LogicApt provides comprehensive services, handling the intricate workload for seamless management. Outsourcing payroll ensures precision, compliance, and punctual payments, liberating internal resources and refining operational efficiency, easing administrative load, and sharpening focus on vital business areas. Our dedicated team ensures to get tied with the custom needs of your clients and each of these services is delivered with a focus on attention to detail.

Financial Reports and Review

Using our outsourced accounting expertise, you don’t have to worry about your client’s tasks, allowing your internal team to focus on strategic accounting work.Financial reports prepared by LogicApt offer detailed insights, aiding firms in assessing their clients' financial well-being. Entrusting financial reporting externally guarantees precise, timely reports, compliance, and valuable analysis, fostering data integrity and diverse viewpoints that empower strategic business decisions.

Audit Support

LogicApt provides comprehensive support tailored to accounting firms, assisting in meticulous review preparation, addressing potential issues and documentation maintenance. Specializing in external audit processes for global accountants, LogicApt ensures precise financial statements that accurately reflect an organization's financial status, fostering trust and credibility among external stakeholders.

Tax preparation

Tax Season is the time when accounting firms, presenting an opportunity to maximize revenue by doing as many tax jobs as possible. However, it's also a challenging time as firms, CPAs, and EAs rush to secure the necessary seasonal talent to manage the influx of tax returns. While some succeed in quickly scaling their operations, others struggle to enhance productivity. LogicApt offers a team of re-evaluated tax preparers to augment your in-house capabilities, enabling swift scaling and increased efficiency.

Our Team

Our leadership comes from a team that consistently inquires, experiments, and confronts challenges to unleash exceptional results at every opportunity.

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We employ the same tech as you

Our offshore accountants have years of experience in using major accounting, bookkeeping, and tax software. We also work with the preferred software of your choice.


Monthly fees range from $1500-3500, all in. Our pricing is flat fee and billed on the first of the month for that month's service. The price is based on qualifications and experience. We charge only for accounting service whereas searching, sourcing, and equipment setup is free of cost.

Yes. They will work for you full time. Monday through Friday, 40 hours per week. On your time zone, if that's your preference. Technically your team member is not your employee as they will be on our payroll.

Yes, we are flexible and have customised models for all types of requirements. Part time is a 20-hour weekly commitment and Seasonal is a two-month minimum commitment.

Although we want firms to embrace their new team member culturally during on boarding to ensure the best chance for success but We do not bind our clients in case they do not want to continue with us. Hence, they can terminate the contract anytime with a minimum commitment of two months.

Yes. You can expect to get the same attitude, effort, and base knowledge that you would from an onshore accountant. Our delivery centre is in India. We have accountants, CPAs, EAs and CAs associated with us who have multiple years of experience in US Accounting. Our accountants have expertise in software that includes QuickBooks, SAP Business One, MYOB, Peach Tree, NetSuite, Xero, Creative Solutions, and others. We provide service to diverse client base.

We pre-screen candidates based on their Communication skills and proficiency in english Language along with the accounting knowledge.

In India, it is expected to provide two months’ notice to an employer before leaving. That’s why we inform firms to expect 6-8 weeks from making an offer to actual start date. Often times we have candidates available sooner as we maintain hiring pipeline through our sales projection. Also, if available, we can allocate an existing team member immediately.

We have dedicated IT team that specializes in offshore IT for accountants. As soon as the team members receive their new computers, the same are configured in compliance with the security protocol.

We work with all the clients either they use Cloud based applications or desktop applications/servers in a cyber-safe environment.

Yes we do offer a free trial of 10 hours, before signing the contract. It will give you a chance to check quality of our services and take the decision accordingly.