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LogicApt is a one-stop solution from accounting to tax preparation. We have a pool of experienced and qualified professionals to serve the outsourcing needs of US accounting firms and helping them mitigating their staffing challenges with a huge increase in profitability.

Value Chain Analysis - Outsource your support activities

Professional Accountants who take the onus of writing the futures are actually busy working in writing the history. Any client reaches the Accountant with hope of discussion on a broad range of matters, including taxation planning, business development, marketing, property, personal wealth advancement, as well as the basics in tax and compliance. However, it’s a great irony that Accountants can’t find time to help the client at actual pain points and are bust in Accounting and Taxation. It is vital to bridge the gap between Client, Bookkeeper and an Accountant. We at LogicApt are here to provide you professional and personal bookkeeping service through our experienced team. We add value to your business by reporting in your language that allows you to do what you are best at. Whether you have seasonal work or regular work, Leverage our services to do more, earn more and all this without getting overwhelmed.

What We Do

Service to International Accounting firms and the small and medium businesses in their accounting needs, which allows them to scale and grow in their respective fields.


LogicApt bookkeepers seamlessly integrate with your existing team, providing outsourced bookkeeping services. Entrusting them with your bookkeeping tasks not only lightens your workload but also optimizes efficiency and financial management.

Payrolls Processing

LogicApt provides comprehensive services, handling the intricate workload for seamless management. Outsourcing payroll ensures precision, compliance, and punctual payments, liberating internal resources and refining operational efficiency, easing administrative load, and sharpening focus on vital business areas.

Financial Reports and Review

Financial reports prepared by LogicApt offer detailed insights, aiding firms in assessing their clients' financial well-being. Entrusting financial reporting externally guarantees precise, timely reports, compliance, and valuable analysis, fostering data integrity and diverse viewpoints that empower strategic business decisions.

Audit Support

LogicApt provides comprehensive support tailored to accounting firms, assisting in meticulous review preparation, addressing potential issues and documentation maintenance. Specializing in external audit processes for global accountants, LogicApt ensures precise financial statements that accurately reflect an organization's financial status, fostering trust and credibility among external stakeholders.

Tax preparation

LogicApt offers a team of re-evaluated tax preparers to augment your in-house capabilities, enabling swift scaling and increased efficiency during peak tax seasons. This service ensures that your firm can focus on business growth and client engagement while reducing operational costs by up to half, saving time, and expanding your client base without compromising quality or accuracy.

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Our offshore accountants have years of experience in using major accounting, bookkeeping, and tax software. We also work with the preferred software of your choice. Alternatively, we could also recommend using the right software for the outsourced jobs.