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Auditing is a high stake, time consuming activity for auditors. It involves due diligence to vouch for authenticity and relevance of documents. We provide you with experienced professionals who are not distracted with other accounting assignments. This would eliminate the chance of errors. We have state of the art internal controls to ensure the highest standards of work for deliverables. We even have a business continuity plan for each client'saccount to ensure that, your work is not interrupted and your deadlines are guaranteed. We take a “better every week” approach to incrementally improve based on client experience and feedback. With us, you can get quality audit & assurance reviews done for your clients by a dedicated team working with you and for you, all the while you retain full confidence and control of the relationship with your client and freeing up your time to focus on new clients and scalability

Workflow Insights

  • Auditing support services including interacting with the audit clients for auditing queries.
  • Rolling forward of electronic audit file on software.
  • Performing casting procedures on accounts for internal consistency, mathematical accuracy and agreeing on lead schedules with final accounts.
  • Reviewing financial statements.
  • Check accounts for their compliance with the relevant accounting standards.
  • Prepare checklists to report errors to the onshore audit team to make necessary changes to the financial statements and future accounts.

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